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A chronological listing of highlights in my music career.

  1. 1968: "Blues Town" co-written with with Gary Wright,(writer/performer of "Dream Weaver") recorded on 09/28/1968 by the British rock group Spooky Tooth. Released 33 years later on the 2001 album "Live In Europe". Click to listen "Blues Town" Video link below. l
  2. 1969: Click to listen "Black Child" a civil rights folk song is performed in and around L.A. coffee houses by co-writer Derek Morse, to high acclaim.
  3. 1970: "The Dancer" is recorded by the rock group Balcones Fault on Creem Records.
  4. 1977: Perform four songs at the L.A. Songwriters showcase at the Ashgrove night club. One(next item) is picked up to be recorded.
  5. 1978: "Tennessee Hitman" is recorded by pop and country artist Dorsey Burnette and released on Movie Star Records. Receive my first royalty check.
  6. 1983: "Midnight Words" is recorded by Country Music Artist of the Year Janie Fricke on her album "Sleeping With Your Memory". Rides the country charts for 27 weeks.
  7. 1984: "Make Me A Dreamer, Again" is performed on the CMT cable show "You Can Be a Star". You Tube link below.
  8. 1984: "Odds and Ends" wins the American Song Festival's grand prize.
  9. 1985: "Odds and Ends" and "When a Heart Changes Hands" are recorded by country singer Mark Sexton on Kansa Records.
  10. 1985: "Silhouette" lyric wins the grand prize of $25,000 in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame contest.
  11. 1986: "Where Would I Be Without You" is recorded by the gospel group The Northams on Benson Records and released.
  12. 1988: "Somebody Wrong Is Looking Right" is recorded by country artist Bobby Helms on Playback Records and reaches #15 on the Independent country charts.
  13. 1989: "Wild In The Country" is selected to be recorded by the Heavy Metal group Lizzie Borden but they disband.
  14. 1992: "Talk About Us" is featured on the the TV show "The Big Break" hosted by Natalie Cole. Also chosen for use in the short-lived TV show "WIOU". You Tube link below.
  15. 2000: "I Can't Quit Loving You" and "June 31st" are recorded by country singer Johnny Penn on Aaron Records.
  16. 2003: "I Can't Quit Loving You" is selected to be used in the movie "Roads To Riches" (also called "Strange Hearts"). still is being shown on cable channels.
  17. 2005: "Nowhere Close To You" recorded by CT Harrison.
  18. 2006: Six of my Christian songs are added to the Delta Wav Indie Network playlist on the following stations
    90.3 WEJF Palm Bay, FL Sunday 9-11PM & Monday 12-2PM 99.1 KSKB Brooklyn, IA Saturday 6-8PM 90.9 KLOX Creston, IA Saturday 6-8PM 91.7 WEGS Pensacola, FL Saturday 4-6PM 91.5 KSNS Medicine Lodge, KS Friday 7-9PM & Sunday 12-2PM 89.3 WPIO Titusville, FL Saturday 1:05-3:05PM 89.3 WKFA St. Catherine, FL Saturday 1:05-3:05PM
  19. 2007: "Grown Up Lullaby" co-written with Jeanine Guidry et.al. is released on the CD "No Shoes Required" by The Offering". The Offering
  20. 2008: My CD ("The Demos") on iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody generates royalties from downloads and song sales.
  21. 2008: Named 2008 "Songwriter of The Year" by VOCAL Virginia Org. of Composers and Lyricists.
  22. 2009: Some of my songs of mine are now in rotation through Trusonic, a provider of music to retail stores and businesses such as The Gap.
  23. 2010: "Uncharted Demos" my new CD of song demos now available on CD Baby and iTunes. (search iTunes store for Glen King)
  24. 2011: "I Love Spending a Rainy Day With You" scheduled to be recorded by an internationally known top 20 Jazz artist. Last song loaded on my music player link below.
  25. 2012: "SongoftheYear.com" contest. Honorable Mention for my lyric "What Will You Give Jesus". Lyrics  here
  26. 2012: VOCAL (Virginia Org. Of Composers And Lyricists) 2011-12 Winner for Song Of the Year "Mellow Mood". Click   here to listen
  27. 2013: "Whole Lotta Lonesome" co-written with Donna Opfer is recorded by Belgian/Netherlands artist Amber Jo.
  28. 2015: Named VOCAL "Songwriter Of The Year"
  29. 2015: (Dec.) Two co-written songs are featured in the Christmas play "Holiday Memories".
  30. 2018: My new CD "Rainbow Dreams" now available on CD Baby, iTunes and Spotify.
  31. 2020: My new CD "Evershining Light: Songs of Faith" is available on most music platforms including Amazon and iTunes. Lyric video for the single "Evershining Light" is on You Tube. (link below)
  32. 2020: Named "Songwriter of the Year" by the Virginia Organization Of Composers and Lyricists (VOCAL)

You can hear some of the above referenced songs and others on sites listed on the Links page, or click music player to buy them.

Watch the video of "Release Me, Lord" as performed by co-writer Melissa Kienow at her church on 8/30/2009 here:
You Tube

Watch the video of "Make Me A Dreamer. Again" (co-written by Dorothy Sea Gazeley) as performed by Suzanne Niles on The Nashville Network, (1984) here:
You Tube

Watch the video of "Talk About Us" (co-written by David Day) as performed by Natasha Pierce on the TV show "The Big Break" (1992) here:
You Tube

Watch the video of "I'll Walk With You" as performed by co-writer Melissa Kienow at her church on 11/01/2009 here:
You Tube

Watch the video of "Blues Town" by Spooky Tooth here: You Tube

Watch (listen to) the video for "Make-up Love" here (©2012 King and Sterngold). You Tube

Watch the lyric video for "Evershining Light" here: You Tube

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